Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 18, 2013 | 09:29 AM

To Retired Businessman: What is this thing all the residents of this have against out of town owners? Let me tell you there are plenty of year round permanent owners in this area that keep poorly maintained homes. The only real area's that look good are from the lake back say 6 blocks north. From there there are many homes with junk standing around, Homes in need of repainting, Lawns that need work and these people are here every day, week, month and year. Anyway these out of town owners pay their taxes just like all the permanent residents and probably do so in many cases more regularly than others. How many permanent residents are going to be tickled pink to pay for raises on their tax bills? I'll tell you how many 0 that is zero, nada, none, zilch. Don't lay this all on the out of town owners. There are plenty of cheap people around here. Also maybe if this area would invest in better pay jobs the problem of not enough revenue to pay for this would stop by taking people off county aid and putting them back to work where they could earn a living and not just an existence. Minimum wage jobs are fine for teenagers not adults who need to pay rent/mortgages, utilities, insurance, food, clothes, etc. Many business owners make a ton of money off of minimum wage employees by working them to death with no benefits. Many I call this countries version of sweat shops. Many of our countries businesses today are taking advantage of people who desperately needed work. They know people are desperate for work and now all you find are minimum wage. Why is that? I'll tell you why it is because of greed. They need the work done, people need jobs.But that is off track

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