Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Make it Personal
August 25, 2013 | 06:12 PM

I'm sorry Mr. H., but I think you have to make it Personal
What you Decide in the City Council , effects the Personal Lives of Everyone in and Those that Visit Our Wonderfull City

and it shows their Committment and conviction...

Hiding your Emotions? and you might as well Just use Computers..

Another issue? I want to thank all those who Approved all those Beautifull Trees Planted along the LakeFront.. They' growing Beautifully..

Only one problem now? In about 3-5 more yrs? We Won't be able to See the Lake !

Sitting In the Park and we can barely see the Lake Now, I imagine in a few yrs? It will be a Wall of Trees ! I m sure were Planted with Good Intentions, but Never should have Happened.

Take those Smaller Trees Out and Transplant them and cut the others Down..Before it's too late..

Our Citizens and Tourist Come to our Parks to See the lake.. Not to See Trees, that they can do sitting in their Back yards..

You have be carefull of Some Peoples Good Intentions, like Donating Trees, they do so also as a Memorial to themselves and others.. But Cause more Problems later on..

And the Big Trees? Are hanging over so much now? Blocking more of the View of the lake and need to Be Trimed..

The Lake is our Biggest Asset to Attract People, not the Trees..

Retired Businessman