Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 26, 2013 | 11:33 AM

I say this....I knew him before he got into heroin. I'm no user or anything,but he was a good man and it is a tragedy all around ,I know as my own father was addicted to heroin ,it changes you completly. And rather then punish people ,we need to help people. Good old American way saying we need to punish him to the fullest...take a good look at your ownself...ask yourself what do you do to help or hurt one is perfect and its only god who can judge. I don't think he made the drug ,he just sold it and used himself. So in all maybe he was resposible or maybe he wasn't . I don't think he knew it was a hot dose. That's between him and god. So as people ,as I just suffered a heart attack ,I say what's done is done ,and keep going on about this is not healthy . Forgiveness is the key and help people instead of putting them down.I doubt people change until they have a life changing experience which we all should have happen. So he will pay for this weither its jail or self torment ,it is not far from your right to ever say how justice should be prevail ..look at your life ,perhaps you did something really bad and perhaps you need to be punished . Stop being self centered and noisy into everyone's affair .