Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE: JD Thanks for the links
September 09, 2013 | 11:39 AM

How is it possible that Kedzi signed an agreement to keep secret from the public, the redistricting maps and the way they were drawn up, that cost WI taxpayers 100,000's of dollars also to the court representing the Republicans for lawsuits pertaining to discrimination in districts, yet he has had no accountability to us, that he is representing?

We need someone who will fight for what Wisconsin stands for before he just votes it all away.

Didn't Scott Walker's objection of Obamacare cost our state like 137 million more to cover less people. I heard over 90,000 people will be kicked off Badger care come January 1, and Walker said he is just helping people become less dependent on Government...but COSTING MORE to the taxpayers of WI to cover less poor for money...sounds like a give away to corporate medicine at the tax payers expense.

Did Kedzi vote for this to?

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