Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Congrats Mr. A.
September 10, 2013 | 05:39 AM

I guess you got "Stuck" being the Principal this time? LOL

Best of Luck keeping the House In order..

Maybe you can also Find out why I'm nowpaying the Higherst Real Estate taxes since We Retired and Moved Here in 2003?

A 1.65% Ratio of the Vlue of our small 2 Bdrm Cottage Home..

-Just got our new Assessed Value at $100k and the taxes last yr were $1,653.. = 1.65Ėr>
-If you want to keep Middle and Upper Class Income Seniors Living here and Comming here?

You best figure out a way to give US Retired Seniors a Tax Break -credit on their RE taxes.. like other states are doing..

-We paid the same price of this Home in 2003 ( $100k) and It hasn't gone up $1? If you Include Inflation? It's really only worth $78k isn't it?

We're feeling we're getting Suckered to foot the bill around here..


Retired Veteran