Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

I heard they are going to try to pass a voting bill
September 10, 2013 | 08:08 AM

that will disqualify voters for a small mistake in a name or address, such as if they are not the perfect postal name and address? I heard this was being presented by Mary Lazich of the Republicans...this will be a direct attack on democracy in WI. I've personally had my name botched by numerous places including my mortgage, but I've never been turned away, and to think I'd be turned away from my right to vote, makes me ill.

Billionaires are spending 100's of millions of dollars on their candidates with their agendas, it means our right to vote is serious and a right we should not take for granted and not be cast aside by a minor misspelling of a name or address.

Thanks JD for all the links to the info.

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