ELKHORN — Two brothers from Walworth County have been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, in a case that the prosecutor hopes will encourage victims elsewhere to report abuse.

Tayler Schoonover, 24, and Brady Schoonover, 22, both were found guilty of sexual assaults over a two-year period against a 12-year-old boy in the village of Bloomfield.

Both defendants, who were teenagers at the time of the assaults, face lengthy prison terms when sentencing is imposed April 2.

Assistant District Attorney Diane Donohoo praised the victim for both reporting the abuse and facing his abusers in court during the trial.

“I was impressed by the courage and strength the victim showed,” Donohoo said. “I hope his courage inspires other victims to come forward.”

Attorney Mike Murphy, who represented Brady Schoonover, said he felt like his client got a fair trial.

With no mandatory minimum prison term, Murphy said he hopes his client gets some needed sex-offender counseling in prison, and then gets an opportunity to return to society after being rehabilitated.

Referring to the brothers, Murphy said: “Both of these guys are young guys. They have a lot of potential.”

Tayler Schoonover’s defense attorney could not be reached.

A jury at the Walworth County Courthouse heard three days of testimony against both defendants and then deliberated about 90 minutes before delivering their verdicts on Jan. 24.

The jury returned not-guilty verdicts on other sex charges, but both brothers were found guilty of multiple counts of felony sexual assault of a person under age 13.

At sentencing, Tayler Schoonover could get 120 years in prison and Brady Schoonover could get 180 years.

Donohoo said Tayler took the stand to deny the charges, but Brady Schoonover elected not to testify. Donohoo said the jurors endured some disturbing testimony in the case, and they worked hard throughout the trial.

“The victim and his family were very satisfied with the verdicts,” she added, “and commented that they can now move forward in the healing process.”