GENOA CITY — The Genoa City Police Department is investigating a possible school shooting threat discovered Dec. 3 at Brookwood Middle School.

According to Police Chief Joe Balog, a Brookwood teacher discovered a scribbled message in a boys bathroom stall that included the words “shoot,” “school” and “December 3rd.”

The individual who left the message has yet to be identified, but police are investigating.

“It’s something we’re very committed to,” Balog said.

After the possible threat was discovered, school administration sent a mass email to Brookwood parents informing them of the situation.

“Working with the school, we took appropriate action that day,” Balog said. “We wanted to keep the parents notified, so the school administration put out the notification.”

Brookwood Principal Michael McCabe declined to comment on the situation, saying that the investigation was still open and ongoing.

At a Jan. 10 Genoa City Village Board meeting, Trustee Cheri Borowiec said members of the public have commended the threat response.

“I got a lot of phone calls from residents and parents for the way they handled the situation at Brookwood,” Borowiec said. “They thought it was handled very well.”

Balog said the scrawled bathroom message “kind of mimicked” a Nov. 20 threat at Badger High School, where a 15-year-old student later admitted writing “Shoot 2:30” on a bathroom wall to prompt early dismissal at the school.

Prior to the Badger threat, authorities discovered three bomb threats similarly written on bathroom walls at Big Foot High School and another at Sharon Elementary School.