To the Editor:

New year, new expectations, new Trump?

Guess again.

Unfortunately, 2019 with all of its expectations will continue to disappoint.

The White House continues to believe that it is the only branch of government. It wields power very capriciously and without contemplation. Some will say that is very dangerous for a democracy.

A glimmer of hope continues to shed light on the patriotism of some of our leading Republicans. A small number of Republican leaders, in their own small way, speak up and challenge the actions of the White House.

One case in point is our new Republican Senator from the state of Utah, Mitt Romney. His courage and leadership should give others the signal to speak their mind. My God …its America we can speak up and challenge our government. That is what our Founding Fathers wanted us to do.

I will end with my news year’s resolution.

I pray and hope that President Trump thinks before he speaks this year. We as intelligent Americans are very tired and weary of the obvious lies that continue to be presented to us by the leader of the free world. We deserve better.

Happy New Year.

Paul Kristoffersen