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Birdman is one of the year's best films

December 18, 2014

Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s “Birdman” is a film about Riggan Thomas (Michael Keaton), a washed-up actor trying to reclaim his former glory. Riggan is known best for having played the iconic superhero known as the Birdman.

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Tax reform report lacks substance

December 18, 2014

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch recently unveiled the results of her year-long examination of Wisconsin’s tax system. The report, entitled “Wisconsin Tax Relief & Reform,” was critical of Wisconsin’s tax climate.

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Mid-century Christmastime in Lake Geneva

December 18, 2014

During the 1940s and 1950s, Christmas in Lake Geneva centered around one’s home and church, much as it did in towns throughout the United States. In Lake Geneva, the ground was always covered with snow.

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Lake Geneva’s lost and surviving icons
December 11, 2014

As members of the Lake Geneva Historic Preservation Commission, chaired by the local architect Ken Etten, I and my fellow members of the commission are charged with the responsibility of encouraging the preservation of historic buildings in Lake Geneva and preserving the historical memory of what has transpired in Lake Geneva over the past 178 years since whites first settled the area in 1836.

Ballots or bullets?
December 11, 2014

There was no such place as Ferguson, Missouri, before Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. If you had asked me or 10 other people off the street six months ago where Ferguson was, all you’d likely get is a quizzical look and a blank stare. Not so much today.

Final rally memorable
December 04, 2014

As someone who starts far more projects than I ever finish, I have to admire Bob Webster.

Quotes that influenced former Badger teacher
December 04, 2014

For a long time I have wished to compose an essay using quotations as the major content.

Miscellaneous memories of growing up in Lake Geneva
December 04, 2014

Huge bullfrogs croaked and snakes slithered through the water.

An interview with ‘Fury’ producer
December 04, 2014

Alex Ott, one of the producers of the Brad Pitt movie, “Fury” is familiar to lots of Lake Geneva residents.

Interstellar worth hype
November 27, 2014

Director Christopher Nolan is one of the most beloved and highly acclaimed filmmakers of all time by audiences and critics alike. He’s received high praise for such films as “Memento,” “The Prestige” and the thrilling mind-bender “Inception.”

Pain and suffering
November 27, 2014

It was 2:45 a.m., Sept. 28, 2003, when the call to 911 came in. The voice was hysterical. Officer Benjamin Borgan was the first to respond. He arrived at the Williams Bay condo within just minutes.

What WCEDA does for county
November 20, 2014

The Walworth County Economic Development Alliance Inc. (WCEDA) held its annual meeting on Nov. 12 at the Grand Geneva Resort. WCEDA’s annual meetings are always well done, and this one was no exception.

Football pals and growing old
November 20, 2014

Things keep reminding me aging is unyieldingly on the march. It’s often those obituaries which seem relentless. This time it was two football teammates from high school days.

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iconWhite supremacist charged in Kansas deaths found competent for trial
By Kevin Murphy KANSAS CITY, Kan (Reuters) - A Kansas judge on Thursday found that a white supremacist accused in the murder of three people at Jewish facilities is competent to stand trial, after reviewing a psychological report requested by his defense lawyers...
iconJudge: Slender Man stabbing defendant competent
WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — One of two girls accused of stabbing a classmate in a southeastern Wisconsin park to please a fantasy character known as Slender Man is competent to stand trial for attempted homicide, a judge ruled Thursday...
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