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Community Living
Those we help give us reasons to be thankful
Nov 26 2015
Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season always make me reflect on what I am most grateful for ...
Community Living
Woman left struggling after her sonís betrayal
Nov 19 2015
Dear W.C., I have a widowed lady friend that is having a very difficult time. She would never ask ...
Community Living
Widowed, abused veteran faces financial, emotional battles
Nov 12 2015
Dear W.C., I am a veteran with two teenage children. I have been suffering PTSD and health problems ...
Community Living
Woman with disability, elderly mother in need
Nov 05 2015
Dear W.C., I live with my mother and care for her. We are both on disability. I was born 32 years ...
Community Living
What the grant money helped us accomplish
Oct 29 2015
Barnabas $61,500 Matching Grant = $123,000 in Assistance ...
Community Living
Matching grant benefits veterans, moms, elderly
Oct 22 2015
We did it. All of us together have successfully matched the Barnabas $61,000 Matching Grant. We are ...
Community Living
Raising grandchild puts woman in financial stress
Oct 15 2015
Dear W.C., I live in an apartment complex with many senior citizens and disabled people. We have ...
Community Living
Mom and her teen daughter in need of help
Oct 08 2015
Dear W.C., My teenage daughter and I have been homeless since last May. ...
Community Living
Matching grant has helped more than 300
Oct 01 2015
As we go about the day to day running of our charity, The Time Is Now to Help, we often get so caught ...
Community Living
Mom struggles financially as daughter battles cancer
Sep 24 2015
Dear W.C., My heart breaks every day for my friend....
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