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Community Living
Ziegler matching grant helps those in need
Jul 02 2015
Paul Ziegler $15,000 Matching Grant = $30,000 in Assistance We have been working hard on the final ...
Community Living
Husband abandoned wife
Jun 25 2015
Dear W.C., I have never asked for help before in my life. I live with my disabled mother and sister. ...
Community Living
Barnabas $55,000 matching grant equals $116,669.95 in assistance
Jun 18 2015
Yes, the total funds distributed by the Barnabas $55,000 Matching Grant are $116,669.95. You did not ...
Community Living
Lonely senior needs help
Jun 11 2015
Good News! We have successfully met the Paul Ziegler $15,000 Matching Grant. ...
Community Living
Elderly couple struggles
Jun 04 2015
Dear W.C.,† My husband and I lost our 43 year old son, our only child, nearly two years ago in a ...
Community Living
Donations help restore utilities
May 28 2015
This week we have seen a great start to the Paul Ziegler $15,000 Matching Grant. We also have been ...
Community Living
Wounded veteran needs help
May 21 2015
Dear W.C., I served in the military for more than eight years. I am disabled but I do not let that ...
Community Living
Funding a new wheelchair
May 14 2015
Dear W.C., You are my last hope. I have tried everything to get my daughter the help she needs. My ...
Community Living
Teen escapes momís party house, but faces eviction
May 07 2015
Dear W.C., I am a young woman living on my own. I am 19 and have been on my own for almost a year. ...
Community Living
Elderly woman needs help
Apr 30 2015
Dear W.C., I apologize for my sloppy handwriting. I am losing my eyesight. You see I am a senior ...
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