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Conservation meetings spring ritual
Apr 04 2013
Each spring, the Conservation Congress holds meetings in all of the 72 counties to discuss natural resources ...
Legislators at Work
Consortia: New word, popular concept
May 17 2012
News coverage from Madison during the past year has been dominated by changes in public sector labor ...
Legislators at Work
Regulatory reform bill receives senate approval
Mar 15 2012
MADISON — The Wisconsin State Senate gave final approval to Senate Bill 326, a major regulatory reform ...
Legislators at Work
Preserving commitment to long term care
Mar 08 2012
Often times, as we grow older, we may not be able to physically do what we used to do. For many of our ...
Legislators at Work
Restoring intent of programs
Mar 01 2012
MADISON — The Wisconsin State Senate gave its final approval to senate Bill 368, the State Wetlands ...
Legislators at Work
Cracking down on drunken driving
Feb 23 2012
We all know how dangerous drunken driving can be. Seeing memorials on the roadside of a drunken driving ...
Legislators at Work
Filling skills gap in Wisconsin
Feb 16 2012
As the Legislature looks at more ideas to grow jobs in a state traditionally known for manufacturing ...
Legislators at Work
Honoring Wisconsin’s fallen heroes
Feb 09 2012
In the Senate last month, we had the privilege of honoring three of the state’s heroes, Wisconsin’s ...
Legislators at Work
Back to work, Wisconsin
Oct 13 2011
Recently, the Governor announced a “Back to Work Wisconsin” special session, requesting the Legislature ...
Legislators at Work
Fire prevention: The life you save could be your own
Oct 20 2011
As a former volunteer firefighter, I have seen homes, businesses, memories, and dreams go up in smoke. ...
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