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Editorial: Center Street speed bumps are excessive
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Editorial: Center Street speed bumps are excessive

Two weeks ago in the Sept. 23 Regional News, there was a story about speed bumps on the Center Street hill going up to the new Stone Ridge subdivision, which is in the Town of Geneva.

Originally it was our anticipation that it would be a little community story. The reaction blew us away as comments poured in on Facebook with people expressing their anger about the speed bumps.

Upon checking them out, we understand why people are so annoyed.

They are not just little rumble strips. They really have a jolt to them.

At a City Council meeting in September aldermen discussed the issue after getting so many complaints and decided to petition the Town of Geneva to remove the speed bumps.

Joseph Kopecky, chairperson for the Town of Geneva Board, said the town board members approved to install the speed bumps to help reduce traffic concerns in that area.

Kopecky said the speed bumps will be removed during the winter, but whether they are re-installed in the spring would depend on whether the Lake Geneva Police Department would be willing to enforce that area more often.

Between now and spring, we would hope that the City of Lake Geneva and Town of Geneva can establish some sort of agreement on traffic enforcement that does not involve the speed bumps.

Speed bumps alone are not the problem. There can be a time and place for them and due to the number of speeders they should be an option.

But it doesn’t seem it’s the right answer for the Center Street hill.

In addition, when the new subdivision on the hill was starting to be built, there was a plan to build another outlet that would help alleviate traffic on the Center Street hill.

That should also be revisited and shouldn’t go to the wayside.

As the subdivision on top of the hill continues to grow, naturally traffic on the Center Street hill is also increasing.

Speed in that area shouldn’t be ignored. But adding jolting speed bumps that are reportedly even causing some damage to cars is not the right answer.

The Regional News editorial board consists of General Manager Robert Ireland, Editor Stephanie Jones, Advertising Assistant Steve Romani and community members Patrick Quinn and Elizabeth Lupo DiVito.

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