Hillmoor golf course art

White River Holdings purchased the former Hillmoor Golf Course property in 2016, but Lake Geneva city officials have stifled the company in its redevelopment efforts. (File photo/Regional News)

A court battle between Lake Geneva and the owners of the former Hillmoor Golf Course apparently is over.

Court records in Walworth County Circuit Court show that a $55 million civil lawsuit filed nearly a year ago by property owner White River Holdings LLC has been dismissed.

Milwaukee attorney Alan Marcuvitz, who represents White River Holdings, said the company dropped the suit and that officials hope to work with the city to develop the property.

"We're looking for a fresh start," Marcuvitz said.

The company filed suit last July, seeking $55 million in damages, after Lake Geneva city officials blocked a redevelopment plan for new business and residential construction on the 200-acre former golf course.

In November 2017, city aldermen voted 4-3 to deny the company's request to change city plans to allow the development.

A separate civil action sought to force the city to disclose large numbers of city records related to the development dispute. The public records case has been dismissed, too.

Both sides said there has been no cash settlement and no agreement on the future of the golf course property.

Court records describe the end of the legal fight as a "stipulation of dismissal."

"Both sides agreed to be friends again in an effort for a cooperative relationship," city attorney Joseph Wirth said. "As far as I know, both sides have agreed to cool it."