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Ready to buy an air purifier? Here's what to know
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Ready to buy an air purifier? Here's what to know


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Every spring, lots of people's allergies ramp up and they spend a few weeks constantly congested. But pollen filtration is just one of many features offered by air purifiers, along with the ability to capture particulates ranging from wildfire smoke and dust to airborne bacteria and COVID-19 virus particles.

So with the overwhelming number of devices on the market, all advertising various filtration methods, how do you find the best one?

We've extensively researched the field of products, tested the extra features on a dozen of the most popular models, interviewed various experts in the field of indoor air quality and written up the definitive list of the best air cleaners around. Ready to buy an air purifier? Look no further.

Here are more recommendations from Ben Mims of the Los Angeles Times on essential equipment for your kitchen.

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