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Watch now: Recreational pot made $175 million in Illinois tax revenue. But some aren't happy with the rollout.

A year into legalized recreational pot in Illinois, some point to ongoing concerns about the program’s social equity component, which has delayed the awarding of additional dispensary and cultivation licenses.

Mass cancellations, restrictions for COVID-19 pandemic unprecedented for most Americans

Widespread cancellation of events, travel restrictions, school closures, quarantines: Americans haven’t seen this kind of response to a public health threat since the 1918 flu pandemic.

Special report | Fading away: Wisconsin's dementia crisis

An expected doubling of residents with dementia, coupled with a caregiver shortage hitting rural areas especially hard, presents a growing challenge. In a search for a cure to Alzheimer's disease, UW-Madison researchers also study causes. State Journal reporter David Wahlberg details the pro…


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Journal Times editorial: Pipelines are safest for the environment

Saying it wasn’t “consistent with my administration’s economic and climate imperatives,” President Joe Biden in one of his first actions revoked the construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline — the long-fought-over project to move oil from Canada’s tar sands to Nebraska and then on to the Gulf Coast.

Journal Times editorial: Congress must help both renters and landlords

One American crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, may have reached the end of the beginning: Vaccines are on the verge of being shipped and distribution to those at greatest risk is about to begin.

Journal Times editorial: Kenosha didn't deserve this, no city does

Kenosha didn’t deserve what happened last week. No American city deserves it.

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