Chris Cronje church organ crew member

Crew member Chris Cronje works on reassembling the restored 19th-century pipe organ inside Holy Communion Episcopal Church in downtown Lake Geneva. (Photo by Dennis Hines/Regional News)

Lake Geneva's historic downtown church organ is coming home — one restored piece at a time.

Parishioners at Holy Communion Episcopal Church are welcoming back their 19th-century Hook & Hastings pipe organ after a four-month offsite restoration effort.

Crews from Buzard Pipe Organ Builders in Champaign, Illinois, this week have started returning pieces of the restored church treasure — and delicately reassembling it inside the church.

"There's a lot of excitement," parish member Tom McGrath said. "Everyone is excited about it all being put back together."

The congregation worked five years to raise about $65,000 to repair and restore the organ.

The music piece was donated to Holy Communion in 1883, after being manufactured in Boston and then shipped to Chicago by train. It has not undergone significant restoration since the 1960s.

Crews estimate that it will take a few weeks to bring back all of the repaired pieces and reinstall the organ inside the church at 320 Broad St.

Pastor Kevin Huddleston said he is anxious to hear the organ's music once again.

"We've been missing it," he said. "We've been waiting patiently."