Matt Guth Brookwood teacher with Herb Kohl

Brookwood Middle School teacher Matt Guth, left, shares a moment with business and political figure Herb Kohl upon being named a 2019 teacher fellow by the Kohl foundation. (Contributed photo/Regional News)

GENOA CITY — A teacher who is an active member of the Brookwood Middle School faculty is being honored by the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation.

Matt Guth, a Brookwood faculty member for 13 years, is among 100 teachers statewide chosen as 2019 teacher fellows of the Kohl foundation.

The honor brings with it a $6,000 cash prize for Guth and a $6,000 cash prize for Brookwood.

Founded by Wisconsin business and political figure Herb Kohl, the foundation recognizes students, teachers and others in education every year.

At Brookwood Middle School, Guth created and has been leading “Guth’s Games,” a program that allows students to come into the building before school to participate in activities to get them physically active before classes.

Guth is also the leader of a Family Fun Night event and a community trash pickup.