Lakefest 2019 - 7

Everett Hundt, 4, center, works on a sandcastle with help from his sister, Elora Hundt, 5, and father, Kyle Hundt, during the Lakefest 2019 festival July 27 at Pell Lake Lakeside Beach in Bloomfield.

TOWN OF BLOOMFIELD — Bacteria levels on Pell Lake beaches have jumped and gone back down again.

It is the second time in recent weeks that water samples at the beaches found E. coli bacteria levels high enough to warrant warnings to beach goers.

E. coli is generally associated with human or animal waste, and is a health hazard when people encounter it while swimming in lakes or ponds. State health standards put levels of below 235 at safe for swimming, while levels below 1,000 are considered advisory, and levels above 1,000 require that a beach be closed to the public.

On Aug. 9, tests found E. coli levels of 316 at Lakeside Beach and 766 at Roller Rink Beach.

A follow-up test later found the bacteria levels back down to 117 at Lakeside Beach and 57 at Roller Rink Beach.

Local officials collect water samples at Pell Lake beaches regularly throughout the summer.

Officials said the Aug. 9 results were caused by a heavy rainfall, which can wash bacteria into the lake. Advisory signs were posted but then taken down after the follow-up test.

Beach goers were warned earlier this summer after E. coli levels spiked briefly at both beaches.

Village officials said a large goose population sometimes generates high levels of animal waste that pollutes the beaches.