Lake Geneva Plaza LLC planes to construct a gas station, convenience store, Dunkin Donuts business in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Plaza LLC has proposed to construct a gas station, convenience store and Dunkin’ Donuts in Lake Geneva. (File photo/Regional News)

A proposed development that includes a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant along Main Street in Lake Geneva is being delayed again, because of concerns about possible traffic congestion.

The city plan commission endorsed the development last May, but the city council postponed action in November to await details on traffic management and other issues.

A development group known as Lake Geneva Plaza LLC wants to construct a retail business outlet at 190 E. Main St. that includes a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, gas station, convenience store and car wash.

City council members on Feb. 25 voted to send the matter back to the plan commission for more deliberation on traffic issues, following a consultant’s forecast on possible traffic congestion issues.

The consulting firm of Kapur & Associates Consulting Engineers issued a failing grade of “F” on the proposed development’s expected ability to accommodate motorists attempting to turn left onto Main Street from the planned retail center.

Greg Governatori, associate project manager for Kapur & Associates, said his firm forecasts that it would take motorists up to seven minutes during peak evening hours. During normal traffic hours, the firm estimates it would take less than 30 seconds for customers to make the left turn.

Other traffic movements in and out of the proposed development fared better with grades of “C” or better in the consultant’s traffic forecast.

Aldermen, however, voiced concern about the Dunkin Donuts project.

Alderman Doug Skates said he is concerned that if people have to wait seven minutes to make a left turn out of the retail center, it could cause them to become anxious and make driving errors.

“I’m not sure if it passes the smell test for safety to try to get somebody out of there who is going to be road-raging it,” Skates said.

Alderwoman Cindy Flower agreed, saying: “People are going to make bad judgement calls and cut out when they probably shouldn’t.”

Council members said they hope the plan commission will consider possible alternatives for eliminating left turns out of the proposed retail center.