The Lake Geneva Plan Commission has been downsized by one member.

The city council agreed Aug. 26 to eliminate the city’s building and zoning administrator as a member of the commission.

Alderman Ken Howell said Building and Zoning Administrator Fred Walling asked to be removed as a commission member.

Howell said Lake Geneva was one of the few area communities that has a building administrator on its plan commission.

Walling could not be reached for comment.

But city officials said Walling would still attend commission meetings as a staffer to answer questions.

The plan commission now will consist of just seven members: currently Mayor Tom Hartz, Park Board President Ann Escaro, Alderman Doug Skates and four residents, John Gibbs, Michael Krajovic, William Catlin and Brett Stanczak.

The plan commission meets once a month to make recommendations to the city council on proposed zoning changes, building developments and conditional use permits.

Alderman Tim Dunn suggested that the commission include two aldermen instead of one, in case the representing alderman is unable to attend a meeting.

“If the alderman is missing, then there’s nobody representing the council at the meeting,” Dunn said.

Skates said if he is unable to attend a plan commission meeting, Hartz and City Attorney Dan Draper are usually present and can address any concerns of the city council.

“When I haven’t been here to fill in the gaps, they’ve filled the gaps in,” Skates said.

Alderman Richard Hedlund said most of the business conducted by the plan commission is referred to the city council, so aldermen can discuss any lingering questions at that time.

“If you really want to change something, you can vote accordingly,” Hedlund said.