ELKHORN — A Walworth County sheriff’s deputy who saved a man from an apparent heart attack has been honored with a lifesaving award and also been named deputy of the year.

Deputy Kirk Dodge was among several county sheriff’s department employees recognized May 16 during the department’s annual awards ceremony.

Dodge was on duty at the county courthouse last May when he spotted a man holding his chest and struggling, and Dodge recognized that the man had heart attack symptoms.

The man worsened and collapsed inside the courthouse, but Dodge performed first aid and kept the man’s heart going until paramedics arrived.

“Kirk’s quick actions resulted in the patient being alive today,” Sheriff Kurt Picknell said in recognizing Dodge with a lifesaving award.

Dodge also was named deputy of the year for his work as liaison to Lakeland School, the county’s school for children with special needs.

The sheriff’s department conducts its awards ceremony every year during National Police Week. Nominations come from within the sheriff’s department, and awards are determined by an internal committee working with Picknell.

Others were honored for lifesaving rescues, special efforts, important projects and cooperative endeavors.

Dozens of colleagues, family members and supporters turned out for the awards ceremony in the county courthouse.

County Executive David Bretl addressed the crowd, saying that the awards ceremony has grown in significance over the years as law enforcement has become more hazardous duty.

“It’s so important to take some time and recognize that,” Bretl said.

Here is a full list of award winners:

Meritorious Service Medal: Communications Officer Peggi Kilpin

Distinguished Service Award: Detective Troy Pagenkopf

Distinguished Service Unit Award: Communications Division field training officers Carrie Fox, Peggi Kilpin, Annie Hotchkiss, Penny Haskins, Paul Jacobs, Cheri Krueger, Tracy Hillenbrand

Distinguished Service Unit Award: Sworn field training officers Deputy Tim Rumer, Deputy Cory Newmann, Deputy Dan Nichols, Deputy Brody Fiedler, Deputy Jesse Smith, Deputy Jacob Skibba, Deputy Jason Rowland, Deputy Nick Yohanek, Deputy Matt Turner, Deputy Dan Long, Deputy Tim Kuchta, Deputy Cody Schwartz, Deputy Josh Adams, Sgt. Alan Gorecki, Sgt. Bill Melloch, Sgt. Troy Anhalt, Sgt. Ira Martin, Sgt. Josh Staggs

Distinguished Service Unit Award: Correctional field training officers Amy Sharlow, Naomi Hollibush, Brian Kowalefski, Adam Carlson, Erik Olsen, Patrick Glover, Jennifer Bannigan, Randy Billington, Beverly Junk, Isha Kinard, Kevin Knaus, Jennifer Kubesheski, Patrick Palmer, Joel Sampson, Ryan Behncke, Rachel Beil, Zeke De La Portilla, Jarett McArdle, Anna Metke, Cory Nevin, Wes Phillips, Doug Welch, Jason Maxwell, Michele Small, Michele De La Paz, Kasey Meyer, Ruth La Loggia, Teressa Dailey, Sgt. Dennis Kellen, Sgt. Rick Craig, Sgt. Will Mann, Sgt. Chuck Carlson

Distinguished Service Unit Award: Central Records staff Records Supervisor Vicki Runnells, Records Lead Worker Kristy Laue, Administrative Clerks Danyel Hayes, Sabrina Hansen, Judi Meller, Jennifer Woodrich, Marnie Romanowich, Erica Knauer, Kathy Menne, Kaitlin Guss

Distinguished Service Unit Award: Communications Division staff Communications Supervisors Tracy Hillenbrand, Cheri Krueger, Carrie Fox, Communications Officers Mandi Kolb, Penny Haskins, Penny Rasmussen, Tricia Windler, Erin Such, Ashley Burden, Peggi Kilpin, Annie Hotchkiss

Lifesaving Award: Deputies Dan Nichols, Mike Lauderdale, Peter Wisnefsky, Jason Pajewski, Ben Nitsch, Mathew Ludowise

Lifesaving Award: Deputy Kirk Dodge

Lifesaving Award: Communications Officer Tricia Windler

Lifesaving Award: Communications Officer Paul Jacobs

Lifesaving Award: Communications Officer Cheri Krueger

Lifesaving Award: Communications Officer Carrie Fox

Public Service Award: Robert Kienbaum

Public Service Award: Mel Davis

Deputy of the Year: Deputy Kirk Dodge

Civilian of the Year: Records Lead Worker Kristy Laue

Correctional Officer of the Year: Corrections Officer Jason Maxwell

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