Badger student award with principal

Badger High School Principal Russ Tronsen, right, is shown earlier this year giving an award to student Miya Monzon. (File photo/Regional News)

Two top administrators will be leaving the Lake Geneva school system, including the principal of Badger High School.

Badger High School Principal Russ Tronsen and Eastview Elementary School Principal Tami Martin have resigned their positions to accept jobs with other school districts.

The Badger High School Board accepted Tronsen’s resignation July 8, and the Lake Geneva Joint No. 1 Elementary School Board accepted Martin’s resignation July 9.

Tronsen has accepted a job as principal for Beaver Dam High School in Beaver Dam. He has worked for the Badger High School District since 2001, serving as a culinary arts teacher from August 2001 to June 2016 and as principal since July 2016. His most recent salary was $117,000.

Superintendent James Gottinger said Tronsen has done a quality job as both a teacher and principal.

“He took our culinary program to national prominence. That’s what help led him to the principal position at Badger High School,” Gottinger said. “He did a great job. He will be missed.”

Pat Sherman, president of the Badger High School Board, said he is pleased with the work that Tronsen did for the Badger High School District.

“He did everything we expected him to do,” Sherman said. “He had a good relationship with the students and the staff. We wish him the best of luck at Beaver Dam.”

Assistant Principal Jennifer Straus will serve as interim principal at Badger High School during the 2019-2020. Straus has worked as the school’s assistant principal for about 10 years.

“I’m excited and looking forward to working with our amazing staff to ensure that our students have access to rigorous curriculum, instructional equity and all the opportunities Badger has to offer,” Straus said in a news release.

Gottinger said he feels Straus will do a quality job as principal. He said after the school year, the district will determine what to do with the principal’s position.

“We’re confident Jennifer will take charge and lead the school through the upcoming school year,” Gottinger said.

Martin is leaving Eastview Elementary School to accept a job as a fourth-grade teacher at Traver Elementary School in the town of Linn. She starts her new job Aug. 25.

Allyssa Andersen, district administrator for Traver Elementary School, said Martin will be a welcome addition to the school.

“She’s highly qualified,” Andersen said. “I feel she is a good fit for our school. She’s energetic about getting back into the classroom.”

Martin has worked for the Lake Geneva Joint No. 1 Elementary School District since 2006, serving as a teacher from August 2006 to July 2014, assistant principal at Central-Denison Elementary School from August 2014 to July 2015, and principal at Eastview Elementary School from August 2015 until her resignation.

Martin’s most recent salary for the elementary school district was $93,000, and her salary at Traver Elementary School will be $50,000. She said she decided to accept the job at Traver Elementary School to return to teaching.

“The desire to return to teaching has been something I have wrestled with over the past two years and not an easy one to make,” Martin said in a press release. “You have the power to build partnerships with families, and you have the power to work together to make a school stronger so that all children succeed.”

Gottinger said Martin announced plans to leave the district to accept the teaching position at Traver Elementary School several weeks ago. He said he is pleased with the work that did Martin did as Eastview Elementary School’s principal.

“She’s a very enthusiastic person. She will be missed,” Gottinger said. “She had a passion for teaching, and she wanted to get back into the classroom.”

Marcie Hollmann, president of the Lake Geneva Joint No. 1 Elementary School Board, said Martin worked well with the staff and students and helped to create a family atmosphere at Eastview Elementary School.

“It’s a great loss for our school district,” Hollmann said. “We all have great respect for Tami. She will be missed, but we’re happy she will be returning to the classroom.”

The Lake Geneva Joint No. 1 Elementary School District is in the process of looking for a new principal for Eastview Elementary School and hopes to have the position filled at the end of July.

Gottinger said the principal position has been posted for several weeks but was not certain of the exact number of candidates who have applied.

“We’ve had several internal people show an interest,” Gottinger said.