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Fire call a false alarm at Harpoon Willie's restaurant
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Fire call a false alarm at Harpoon Willie's restaurant


WILLIAMS BAY – The Williams Bay and Town of Delavan Fire Departments were called out to the Harpoon Willie’s restaurant Feb. 9 after a bartender reported smelling smoke while closing up for the night.

Williams Bay Fire Inspector Patrick Prohuska said a bartender closing the building early that morning called the village to report a possible fire after smelling smoke inside the building.

When officers arrived on the scene, they noted what appeared to be smoke coming from the top of the building. And the fire department was alerted.

Prohuska said when the departments investigated the building, they were unable to find any fire or fire damage. He added that the cool temperatures may have made the building’s heating and cooling outflow appear like smoke, and that a nearby bonfire may have caused the burning smell.

“The temperature and the low pressure system was holding it down by the roof, and the first officers on the scene thought it was burning up around the HVAC unit. But we checked it out, and it was fine,” Prohuska said. “It smelled like burning paper, but we checked the whole building and it was fine.”

The Town of Delavan Fire Department used its firetruck ladder to safely examine the building’s roof, whereas the Williams Bay Fire Department would have had to erect ladders on the ground.

“Instead of putting ladders up on a snowy roof, they just put the truck ladder up,” Prohuska said.

Town of Delavan Fire & Rescue post

The town of Delavan Fire & Rescue Department posted these images to its Facebook page during the early morning hours of Feb. 9.

The Delavan Fire and Rescue Department posted on its Facebook page on Feb. 9 that Delavan firefighters were happy to lend Williams Bay a hand.

“When neighbors ask for help, you help them out in any way possible,” the post said.

Harpoon Willie’s experienced no damage and resumed business as usual.

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