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LETTER: Republicans have an 'autocratic infatuation'

LETTER: Republicans have an 'autocratic infatuation'


No collusion, no collusion. U.S. intelligence now clearly concludes the Trump campaign had a direct pipeline to Russian intelligence and provided polling data regarding swing states to them. In turn, Russian Intelligence used that data to assist the Trump campaign’s election efforts in 2016. Let’s be clear about Putin’s Russia, they imprison the political opposition, they poison them, they murder them. Their goal is to undermine American democracy and restore the "glory and power of the Soviet Union."

They are doing this in France, Germany, the UK, and elsewhere as well. They know that if they can create mistrust in our elections and democratic institutions they can defeat us. Did you buy it? Do you believe the Big Lie that Trump won? If so, please stop. Don’t let them win. Ask yourself these questions: Do you want a world that is predominately Democratic or Autocratic? Do you want a world of dictators and autocrats? Do you want a world of military regimes and oppression, of presidents for life? You almost had one. The Republican Party still belongs to Trump. So I ask you, is it time for you to divorce yourself from a party with an autocratic infatuation?

George Wen,


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