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Letter to editor: The president has the right to contest the results if he so chooses

Letter to editor: The president has the right to contest the results if he so chooses


Country coming together: I, for one am looking forward to moving forward after the election results have been thoroughly vetted and verified for irregularities and fraud. I would also hope that all the citizens who exercised their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote would agree with me.

The president has the right to contest the results if he so chooses and will have to pay any costs pertaining to the recount process. This has happened before. Al Gore also chose to contest the results of the 2000 race. Any American citizen who legally cast their ballot on Nov. 3 should feel the same way. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent or other, no one should want their vote to be nullified or cancelled out by an illegally cast vote. All of the different changes this year due to Covid-19 that were implemented by many states has cast a shadow over the results and must be investigated.

When other politicians — Chuck Schumer, for one — now keep saying there is nothing to see here and to just move on further divides us as a nation. Just let the legal process play out and then we can move on, no matter the outcome. I personally would prefer divided government from this day forward because of the divisiveness between the parties. That would prevent either the Republican's or Democrat's from radically changing our "free" republic into a monarchy, dictatorship or anything different from what we currently enjoy as Americans. There is a reason people from many other countries want to "legally" immigrate here and it is due to our current values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedoms we enjoy.

Lastly, I would prefer election day to be a federal holiday so the majority of businesses would be closed and a law that any person working at a hospital, convenience store, Wal-Mart, etc. be allowed to leave to vote in person at a polling location without reprimand, thus eliminating the need for mass mail in ballots. Absentee ballots should also be cast in person, if otherwise engaged on Election Day.

Jon Nelson,

Lake Geneva

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