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Should city rename a parking lot after Andy Gump?
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Should city rename a parking lot after Andy Gump?


When it comes to naming Lake Geneva’s public parking lots, some aldermen want to get a little more creative.

City officials are considering doing away with the current lettered system and instead renaming parking lots, possibly after popular local figures such as cartoonist Andy Gump.

The city’s parking lots now are simply lettered A through I.

Aldermen discussed making a change Nov. 12 during a public works committee meeting about updating Lake Geneva’s informational sign system.

“I would like to make our parking memorable,” Alderwoman Selena Proksa said, “something that is more identifiable other than letters.”

Public Works Director Tom Earle said the city could name the parking lots after old historic estates or historic characters related to Lake Geneva.

“That would be kind of neat,” Earle said. “We could name one after Andy Gump or something.”

Alderwoman Cindy Flower said there also needs to be more signs informing people where public parking lots are located.

“That should be on the top of the list, because that’s what people need to find before they get out of their cars,” she said.

Flower said the city also should install more informational signs regarding the location of public restrooms.

The city is considering updating its sign system after a presentation last year by tourism consultant Roger Brooks, who advised the city which types of signs are needed and how the city could make its current signs more attractive.

Flower said Brooks advised that some of the city’s signs include too much information and are too wordy. She added: “If we fail in any vocation, I think that’s probably where we fail, in that we have too many items on an individual sign.”

Earle said all signs should have uppercase and lowercase letters, because older drivers, in particular, struggle with signs that are written all in uppercase letters.

City Administrator David Nord said the city should consider installing more pedestrian signs that are located on sidewalks rather than motorist signs that are located on street posts, because most people do not pay attention to signs while they are driving.

While recently visiting a community in Indiana, Nord noticed that the only signs for motorists were ones that indicated locations for public parking and public restrooms.

Nord cautioned the aldermen about installing too many signs. He said the city does not need a sign indicating where Geneva Lake and the lakefront area are located, because people will be able to find those on their own.

“You know where the lake is. You know where the shore path is,” he said. “Some of those things don’t necessarily need to be highlighted.”

The aldermen agreed to continue the discussion in December.

“We don’t have to have all the answers now,” Flower said, “but we should be moving forward on these ideas.”

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