Workers announce ice castle construction is underway
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Workers announce ice castle construction is underway

Adalyn Corwin, 9, and her father, Keith Corwin, complete their crawl through an ice castle tunnel

Adalyn Corwin, 9, left, and her father, Keith Corwin, of Morris, Illinois, complete their crawl through the Lake Geneva ice castle last winter.

TOWN OF GENEVA — Planners of the Lake Geneva ice castle today announced that construction work is underway on an outdoor winter attraction that could reach a full acre in size.

In announcing that work has started at the Geneva National Resort west of Lake Geneva, the company Ice Castles LLC said the frozen interactive funhouse could be open by late December.

Officials also said the attraction will be one acre in size — more than double last winter's ice castle on Riviera Beach in Lake Geneva.

"Mother Nature is our primary architect," company CEO Ryan Davis said in today's announcement. "And we are always amazed by what she allows us to create each season."

After its debut last winter at Riviera Beach, the attraction moved to Geneva National Resort, located about four miles outside of Lake Geneva. The attraction is being built on part of Geneva National's golf driving range.

Officials said crews will spend a combined 4,000 hours shaping and assembling frozen icicles to assemble the ice castle.

The attraction is expected to entertain visitors with interactive slides, tunnels, fountains, crawl spaces and waterfalls. It also will include colored lights for nighttime crowds.

Pre-sale ticket vouchers are available at Pre-sale tickets are currently $16.79 per person. Last year, admission ranged from $11 to $19 a person.

The Utah-based company is also planning ice castles in Midway, Utah; Dillon, Colorado; New Brighton, Minnesota; North Woodstock, New Hampshire; and Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

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