Readers react strongly to domestic violence shelter vote

Readers react strongly to domestic violence shelter vote

Bob Peryea Elkhorn resident on domestic violence shelter

Elkhorn resident Bob Peryea voices support July 11 for a domestic violence shelter, urging plan commission members to disregard “red herring” arguments from opponents.

The Elkhorn City Council voted Aug. 19 to block a proposed domestic violence shelter — the first in Walworth County — from opening in a former medical clinic in downtown Elkhorn.

The following is a selection of comments from followers of the Lake Geneva Regional News on the Facebook social media site, in some cases edited for clarity or brevity:

“Awful and uncaring council members. No compassion. Cold hearts. Public should speak up.” — Julie Christensen

“I know that this location is close to other things in the community; however, I think the old human services building would be a better choice.” — Jan West

“This is ridiculous. Just another reason to add to the long list of why I want to move out of Elkhorn.” — Stephanie Vierck

“That’s really sad, seems like a perfect location, and a much needed wonderful idea. Those who voted against it apparently hasn’t had a loved one need help. It’s shows a total lack of compassion and ignorance to such a sad reality. They should rethink it or be voted out.” — Sarah Wolfe-Walsh

“What more than a safer place to have a shelter than right across from the police department?” — Tonya Borger

“Do these public leaders not see how this action empowers the brutalizers of women and children? If people are not safe across the street from a police department, then there is no place that they can be safe. Why isn’t the community uniting behind those in need? Sad, selfish, not my problem thinking. All council members should be ashamed.” — Vida Rose

“If you are really upset by this decision, then show up to vote these people out of office in the next election.” — Dawn T. Heath

“You’ll allow all the child molesters in the county to reside in your city. But not abuse victims? Now we know where your true interests lies. Vote them out, Elkhorn. They have no love for any of you. Your kids are at risk. This was a huge no-no.” — Isaac Goines

“That is just sad that these people voted that down. The building is empty, and the community needs it badly. Time to think about the next voting.” — Lorraine Jeskey

“That’s horrible. There’s a great one in Woodstock that gets full support. This could have been a win-win situation, being that’s its next to police station. Less likely for the abuser to show up there, and a quicker response if he did.” — Nancy McCoy

“In then end, nothing has changed. No focus on the people, and more about who has the money and how it will be spent.” — John MacDonald

“Different location should work if they find a better location.” — John Jeziorski

“And then people wonder why there are women and children killed because they have nowhere to go. It is a shame that people who are homeless or abused don’t have a safe haven to go to. Need more homeless shelters in this county and need a domestic violence shelter.” — Rachel Jutz

“What a bunch of cowards to vote this down. Shame on you, Elkhorn.” — Alice Lovell

“Over parking lot measurements? You’ve got to be kidding. Please don’t insult our intelligence. Call it what it is. They don’t want it in their town. I’ll remember this when the next election rolls around. You can count on it.” — Patti Sulser

“That’s horrible. Should be ashamed of yourself.” — Shane Hinrichs

“I am in disbelief.” — Brian Terry

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