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Charlene Klein has an eye for the future

Charlene Klein has an eye for the future

Mayoral candidate Charlene Klein posts a campaign sign

Lake Geneva mayoral candidate Charlene Klein posts a yard sign as she prepares for the upcoming political rematch with Mayor Tom Hartz in the April 7 election.

To the editor:

If you think about it, the mayor and the alderperson are the two most important political figures in our lives. Their decisions affect our daily lives more than any other. I believe that Charlene Klein, now more than ever, is the best choice for mayor of Lake Geneva.

Charlene is a natural visionary, she thinks in the present and the future equally. Every idea presented to her is considered from both a present and a future perspective.

She’s not an impulsive person, she’s thoughtful. She thinks things through carefully, always with an eye toward the future. What might seem like a good plan right now, might not be so great 20 years from now.

Charlene’s attitude toward leadership is lead by consensus. When you first meet her one of the first things you notice about her is what a good, intelligent listener she is. As you get to know her better, you understand how much she loves Lake Geneva. She truly cares.

She’s authentic: what you see is what you get with Charlene. She’s incapable of dishonesty or subterfuge. Charlene doesn’t have any hidden agendas. Her agenda is right out there for all to see. She loves Lake Geneva deeply, and wants to protect what we have for future generations.

How do we preserve our small town feel while growing our local businesses? How do we protect the easy-going, small town, safe and protected lifestyle of Lake Geneva citizens and its future generations and at the same time, increase revenue? How to better manage the city budget? What will decisions made today look like 20 years from now?

It takes someone with Charlene’s vision, brains, work ethic and deep love for Lake Geneva to safely and intelligently lead our beloved town in these uncertain times. A vote for Charlene on April 7 is a vote to secure our easy-going, safe, protected lifestyle and thoughtful, intelligent growth.

Norine R. Smyth, 

Lake Geneva

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