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For many years, the Barnabas donors have been supporting The Time Is Now to Helps poverty relief efforts removing the pains of poverty for our fellow creations. At first, they contributed to our other matching grant opportunities, and then they wanted to encourage charitable giving with their own matching grant.

Their enthusiasm for — and encouragement of — our charitable efforts has allowed us to help over a thousand senior citizens, the handicapped, children, veterans and working-poor families in our communities. Whenever we are feeling overwhelmed by what God has placed upon our shoulders, being of service to so many and seeing so much suffering around us, all we have to do is remember Barnabas and the wonderful donors that use his name to share their blessings and good works.

They have been, and continue to be, such a blessing to all of us.

Since this is such a large matching grant, we wanted to share some of our progress with you this week. We began the 2019 Barnabas $88,420 Matching Grant on March 26, and as of May 10 we have received $49,143 in donations. We are officially more than half way to our goal of $88,420.

That is wonderful news for The Time Is Now to Help and all the people we help, as we have already spent every penny of those funds to provide poverty relief. In the past three weeks alone, we have helped over 40 people suffering in poverty, including people of all ages, from newborn babies to senior citizens in their 80s. Our assistance has included rent, utilities, food, transportation assistance including car repairs and gas, beds, home repairs and toiletries.

When we complete the 2019 Barnabas $88,420 Matching Grant, we will provide a full breakdown sharing where every penny was spent to provide poverty relief. For now, we would like to share some of the people helped, thanks to your generosity and caring and sharing for our fellow Americans.

  • People like Patsy and her husband, who are senior citizens living on Social Security. Each month they wait for those funds in order to try and pay their bills, and still have enough to get their car repaired or a much-needed pair of glasses. Thanks to the assistance they have received due to your donations, the stress of these expenses has been lifted for now. They will have their car fixed and still be able to afford their rent, and eat a healthy meal at the end of the month. And thanks to all of us working together, Patsy will be getting her much-needed glasses as well.
  • Tonya is a single mother of three children who has withstood years of abuse at the hands of her estranged husband. She ended up homeless with her children just to get away, as she feared for all of their safety. We have been able to provide them first month’s rent and security deposit on an affordable apartment, gift cards for food, and clothing. This assistance meant a new life for not only Tonya, but also her three children who have been through so much these past few years. They now can live a stable life where violence is not part of their daily existence.
  • Thomas is a man with many disabilities. He has spent his whole life with family members who abused alcohol and smoked cigarettes around him. He wanted to live on his own, but never had the opportunity or ability to get an apartment away from those who used his monthly disability payments to their own advantage. Thanks to a referral from another organization that helped him move, we were able to help Thomas achieve his dream of getting away from the drunken arguments and breathing difficulties he suffered from for years. We provided a security deposit and first two months rent while he awaits his housing assistance approval. We also paid his utilities in advance for a month, and provided a new bed. Furniture is being provided from a resale shop at a very reasonable cost. I share his gratitude and simple joy over his independence with all of you.
  • Tina has cared for her husband for the past year, as he undergoes yet another round of treatment for cancer. He has been fighting this disease for several years, and it has taken a toll not only physically but financially. They have been barely able to keep up with their bills each month. Their home was in disrepair due to their inability to pay for repairs that Tina’s husband used to be able to do on his own. Tina has now given up her job to care for her husband, as this latest, even stronger chemo has required repeated trips to the emergency room and round-the-clock care. We, together, eased their burden by providing these much-needed home repairs. A new furnace was installed during the cold winter months. Roof leaks were repaired, and mold remediation was done to provide them a safe, healthy environment for healing. Tears of relief were shed by Tina and her husband, and their overwhelming gratitude is thanks to all of you and the wonderful contractors who completed these repairs in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • A donated vehicle was provided to a single mother who desperately needed this car for work. While being an excellent vehicle, there were repairs that were needed to be done on this car to make sure it was safe and reliable. Now this woman can successfully provide for her family, thanks to this dependable vehicle.
  • Lennie and his family fell behind on their mortgage payment after an eye injury and subsequent surgeries caused him to miss a month of work. He needs full vision for his job, and his unemployment was not enough to cover all of their expenses, including co-pays and prescriptions. We paid their overdue mortgage payment, removing his stress over being able to catch up. It usually only takes an illness or accident to plummet the working poor into months of poverty or even homelessness. We together prevented that consequence for this family.
  • Val is a strong woman in her late 50s. She has worked hard her whole life, but recently has been going through multiple health problems that caused her to leave her job. Val did not know how she could continue to pay her reasonable mortgage payments on her own, since she has not been approved for disability yet, but she just could no longer physically work. She was behind in her utilities and would have been disconnected in April if not for our assistance. While she undergoes yet another surgery, she is relieved to know that we paid two months of her mortgage and her overdue utilities. This has allowed her to rest and heal comfortably while awaiting her disability determination.

As I have said before, stress and emotions play a big part in our fellow creations’ ability to get through these hardships. We do not just provide financial support; we also provide healing that can only come with the removal of the stress and pains of poverty.

  • Annie is a senior woman with a big heart. She always has helped others in her subsidized housing complex when they were in need. Annie has lots of energy and a positive spirit that I could feel from the first time we talked, even though she was going through some painful dental issues. Annie finds it hard to ask for help, and apologized several times for taking money from others in need. I asked Annie: “Do you want to go back to helping your neighbors? How can you help them when you can’t eat or even smile due to the pain in your mouth?” Annie agreed she just had not been able to be herself. She admitted that neighbors who looked forward to her visit or hot meal she sometimes shared were feeling lonely without her. She told me how she could not sleep or even concentrate on something when the pain flared up. I finally convinced her she was worthy of our assistance, and tearfully she accepted our help. After her visit with the dentist, a now-pain-free Annie called and shared her thankfulness for our dental care assistance. Yes, Annie you are important to all of us, and we were thankful we could help you. We are happy to say Annie is again sharing her good company and delicious food with anyone who needs it in her apartment complex.

These are just a few of the nearly 80 people touched so far by the 2019 Barnabas $88,420 Matching Grant. More people than we could ever fit in one column. As we continue our good works, our hope is to soon match the Barnabas donors matching grant challenge and then share with all of you the full impact of your donations.

We would like to also thank all of you who have provided a matching grant in the past and all of you who have made the matching funds even possible. It is all of us coming together that truly makes a difference doing God’s good works removing the pains of poverty for our fellow creations.

Thank you for caring and sharing for those living in desperate poverty in our communities.

Our hopes and prayers are that you will continue to take this opportunity to donate, knowing every dollar of your donation will be matched by the amazing Barnabas donors, doubling your donations. As always, every penny of this matching grant is already being used to provide poverty relief. Together, we are doing the good works of our Lord helping our fellow creations, removing the pains of poverty.

Together, we have helped over 500 people each year, people suffering due to job loss, lack of transportation, illness and other tragedies of life that result in poverty. Thank you and God bless you for all we accomplish together to ease the pains of poverty.

Health and happiness, love and God bless everyone, Sal