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We are happy to announce we have successfully matched the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant. This generous matching grant challenge began in March, and we received our final matching donation yesterday. Now that we have met this matching grant, we will continue to be busy over the next few weeks distributing these final funds to those most in need of poverty relief in our communities.

Once this is complete, we will share with all of you where your donations, matched by the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant, were spent in our poverty relief efforts. We cannot thank the Barnabas donors and all of you enough for your generosity and commitment to our charity. There is not a day that goes by that we do not say a prayer of thanksgiving for your support of our charity that allows us to provide our life-changing assistance.

It takes all of us coming together to remove the pains of poverty for our fellow creations.

Over the past few months, we have already helped many fellow Americans with your matching donations. These people include senior citizens, children, the handicapped, single mothers, veterans and working poor families. As your donations arrived, they were put to use preventing homelessness, hunger, utility disconnections, lack of transportation and so much more.

When we write our column sharing the breakdown of the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant, you will see exactly where every penny was used for poverty relief.

One of the people helped with the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant funds is a disabled veteran who was living in his car. Through our efforts and guidance, he is now living safely in an affordable apartment. He endured several weeks of cold weather while very ill, until he was brought to our attention. He would not ask for help himself, but thanks to a concerned citizen, he received the help he needed. As this veteran is a humble man and a man of few words, his tears of gratitude were all we needed to know our assistance made a lasting impact in his life.

Single mothers often struggle in poverty. They rely on the child support payments that often times are inadequate, or just are not paid. Jobs can be jeopardized when you are the only care giver and your child is sick. A needed car repair can mean choosing between paying your rent or keeping your job, due to needing reliable transportation. Children now home from school for the summer must be cared for, which requires expensive day care and more meals at home.

The thought of hunger and homelessness are the biggest fears for the single mothers we talk to every day. When single mothers turn to us for assistance, it is usually due to unexpected expenses such as a car repair or illness causing them to fall behind in their carefully planned budgets. Thanks to your support, matched by the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant, we have been there to offer our caring assistance.

We have been brought to tears by the forgotten elderly in our communities. We have found them living in conditions that are horrific, due to just not knowing anything else could be available to them. Some are afraid of any change in their lives, or if they are discovered they will be put in a “home.” Most of these seniors are still active and capable of caring for themselves in the proper setting.

Sometimes a simple move away from mold and decay is enough to improve their health and their lives, beyond just the financial assistance we provide. We have provided this assistance to four seniors so far with your donations matched by the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant. Their lives are changed forever by the good works we have done together.

Working poor families live paycheck to paycheck. When one parent becomes ill or one of the children has a life-threatening illness or injury, life can change in an instant. A family whose daughter was born with several birth defects was given hope when we paid their overdue mortgage payment. The mother had missed many days of work in order to take her daughter to medical appointments and procedures. Now, the young daughter faced surgery, but it would give her the chance for a normal life and allow the mother to return to work, once she was healed. The father continued to work every day, knowing the full responsibility for their financial well being was on his shoulders, and feeling like a failure because he could not provide for all their expenses.

With our assistance, they will not become another homeless statistic. The mother will be able to return to work soon, and when she does, they will not be homeless in addition to their other hardships in life, thanks to all of you and the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant.

The Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant and all of you have allowed us to provide assistance to people suffering due to handicaps and disabilities. A father who suffers from a genetic disorder is slowly becoming completely paralyzed. He is now in a wheelchair and had to give up his job several years ago. His wife and two teenage children all work, making their schedules around caring for their father/husband. They have been helped with car repairs for their wheelchair-accessible vehicle, food, and a rent payment allowing them to stay on their tight budget.

This family went from feeling overwhelmed by bills and distressed by their husband/father’s progressing illness to feeling overwhelming gratitude for the help our community of caring people has provided. They also feel relieved knowing others care about what happens to them. They are not going through this alone.

Your donations that went towards matching the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant also helped a single mother raising two children with severe mental and physical disabilities. Their care is needed around the clock, and does not allow for a job outside her home or days off or vacation time. This single mother has to be there to keep them safe and provide emergency medical care if needed.

We have provided this single mother a car repair and gas, due to the many trips to medical care, rent, food, and toiletries. This caring mother could not stop the flow of tears that our assistance brought. Her heart was filled, knowing she did not have to do this all on her own. All of you and the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant donors have not only filled their hearts, but also removed their pains of poverty.

So far, the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant donations have helped over 165 people suffering in poverty in our communities. As we finish distributing these funds to those most in need, there will be even more of our fellow creations that feel our helping hand. In a few weeks, we hope to share the final breakdown for the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant.

Each day brings more letters, and we answer the pleas as quickly as we can and as funds allow. Thanks to the Barnabas 2019 $88,420 Matching Grant and your matching donations, we are able to continue our work feeding, sheltering and filling the needs of the poverty-stricken in our communities.

We have a new matching grant opportunity to announce. The B&T $10,000 Matching Grant has begun this week. B&T are new matching grant providers, and are excited for this chance to encourage donations to our charity. They have been watching our good works for several years and especially like how we use 100 percent of our donations to provide poverty relief.

It is amazing to see how many people are helped due to our matching grant donors and your matching donations. As always, every dollar of your donation will be matched by the B&T donors, doubling your donations. Every penny of this matching grant will be used to provide food, shelter, transportation assistance, beds, dental care, utility assistance and so much more.

Together we are doing the good works of our Lord helping our fellow creations, removing the pains of poverty. Thank you and God bless you for all we accomplish together to ease the pains of poverty.

Health and happiness, love and God bless everyone, Sal