Bob Lee, owner of Bob's Beach Shack, said he is concerned about on ordinance that prohibits business owners from displaying items outside their store

Bob Lee, owner of Bob’s Beach Shack, is among the downtown merchants voicing concern about enforcement of an ordinance that prohibits business owners from displaying merchandise outside their stores. (File photo/Regional News)

A move to ban outdoor merchandise displays at downtown Lake Geneva shops has generated strong reactions from area residents on social media.

The following is a selection of comments from followers of the Lake Geneva Regional News on the Facebook social media site, in some cases edited for clarity or brevity:

“I love the displays outside. Makes it feel more inviting and fun.” — Joyce Mayer

“I see nothing wrong with the outside displays. Gets my attention and kind of makes it fun. City needs a reality check. How come so many empty stores? That is what they should worry about.” — Barbara Weteska

“I think the city has too much time on their hands to be worrying about something so stupid.” — Emily Adams

“There are certain steps you need to go through to have outdoor seating and displaying goods outside the store, in regards to city ordinances and insurance policies. Any business owner in the city of Lake Geneva should have basic knowledge of that.” — John Guske

“Lake Geneva downtown has always been busy and bustling and touristy. That’s what gets people’s attention and gets them excited and spending. — Michele Froehlich

“I like the way the town looks with all the outdoor merchandise on display. It looks so festive and happy.” — Gayle Brinchman

“I love the displays outside the stores. That makes Lake Geneva feel like Lake Geneva.” — Clark Olson Kerry

“The fun and exciting part of buying is seeing the merchandise outside. Let them be. — Deb Peterson

“Keep the junk in the store. We can see it if we want when we go past. If we want to purchase the junk, we’ll go in. There are tons of people down here in the summer, and they don’t need to walk around junk. There are two weekends a year the stores can have a sidewalk sale. That’s it.” — Cheryl Jacobs

“The city needs to lighten up. Come on, we’re a tourist town. It’s inviting.” — Carri Bethel

“Merchandise outside displayed neatly invites everyone to browse from their cars as passing, and entices them to come see what other goodies they have. I love it.” — Robin Wojcik

“If the restaurants can have tables and chairs out on the sidewalk, I would think that the retail stores should be able to display their wares as well.” — Rebecca Anne Carper-Swangstu

“They should be worrying about the vacant business fronts on Main and getting people in there. Instead of making it harder for the people who are already there.” — Andrea Gronau

“It’s all part of the charm of this town. Leave it alone.” — Tom Hiebel

“Most of the vacationers come to Lake Geneva to walk around and shop and to visit these little stores. Why would the city make such an issue out of something that is so minor and brings tons of business into the city? — Krista Milligan

“We need to support our local small business owners. We are lucky to have a thriving downtown. Let’s not do anything that compromises it.” — Robin Snyder Mooney

“That is so wrong. That is the charm of a small town.” — Kelli Keenan Kiekhafer

“I think Lake Geneva is trying too hard to keep their hoity-toity image. Lighten up, Lake Geneva. You have a lake tourist town. You’re not Hollywood.” — Andy Krueger

“Why does lake Geneva want to change everything?” — Shirley Holland

“Lake Geneva is a tourist town. The business owners have a short season. Let them put a few things outdoors. It makes Lake Geneva what it is and has been.” — David Luczak