The journalist at our newspaper come to work each day to bring the latest news about the Lake Geneva region to our readers.

Our sales representatives help advertisers meet their business goals by connecting them with our readers, and others in our organization make efforts to improve our product for our readers.

We do this by having our reporters interview public officials and newsmakers. Our sales reps are constantly in communication with business owners and people in the marketing world.

Members of our team stay in touch with the community in a lot of different ways. However, there is one group of people where I wish we had a more regular contact — that’s our everyday readers.

I would like to spend more time connecting with the readers who look forward to receiving their paper each Wednesday or Thursday. I want to spend more time talking to the person who arrives at Piggly Wiggly in the early morning hours to pick up our paper and a cup of coffee.

I’m inviting all our readers to join me for a cup of coffee on Wednesday, June 5, at 11 a.m. at Avant, 234 Broad St., Lake Geneva. We will be meeting in the upstairs loft.

I would like to hear your feedback about the newspaper. I’d like to talk about the stories that are the most important to you, and learn what sections of the paper you read the most frequently.

Your feedback may help us make decisions in the future. This meeting is intended to be informal and friendly, and all our readers are invited to attend.

In addition to hearing from our readers, I also want to answer questions about the newspaper. On occasion, I receive questions about how our editorial board works or how we select news articles. I often hear inaccurate assumptions regarding both topics.

I hope you will come and join me. We can enjoy a cup of coffee, share a laugh and you can help the newspaper get better. If you can’t make it, but you want to contact me, I can be reached at or by phone at 262.248.4452.

Robert Ireland is the general manager of the Lake Geneva Regional News.