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Letter: Afghanistan, COVID mandates latest symptoms of Biden's incompetence

Twenty years since 9/11/2001 and 20 years in Afghanistan trying to bring, what was it exactly — peace, democracy? Retribution for the killing of our people? Whatever it was, it didn't work.

So Biden, master of foreign relations, decided to get us out. Didn't bother to tell our allies or listen to military advisers. No plans for the exit, but we left. Not exactly. Probably the worst exit in the history of the world. "No one left behind" — that has been the military's motto forever. Biden didn't know about that one either. So, he closed the major airport at Bagram early on, leaving only Kabul to get the people out of the country. And he set an unrealistic deadline to do that. It didn't work either — many left behind. However, he says it was a great success. Incompetence.

They say they evacuated 120,000 people. Afghanistans will be relocated — somewhere, mostly in the United States. By the way, they didn't have time to vet these people, so hopefully they were the interpreters who helped our military, but no guarantees. There are still Americans left there — don't know how many or where they are. On one of the last days, 13 of our military were killed by a suicide bomber. And now we have to deal with the Taliban to get the rest of our people and friends home. What a disaster.

I didn't know we are living under a dictatorship but it certainly appears that way. Biden has decreed that everyone who works for the government, i.e. police, office workers, firemen, teachers and medical personnel, must be vaccinated or they will be terminated. So, defund the police will be accomplished one way or another.

This mandate also includes workers in the private sector where employers are already having difficulty finding people to take jobs thanks to Biden's money giveaway for people to stay home. However, we still have thousands of illegals crossing our "open" borders bringing COVID, drugs and criminals. And, they aren't vaccinated or wearing masks and they are being delivered to a city near you. But you keep wearing that mask. If there were a recipe to create a disaster of mismanagement, Biden is following it, or maybe he wrote it. It's only been seven months. Biden lifted the travel ban — ironic, isn't it? Incompetence reigns.

I just can't understand how any intelligent people can see what is going on and not be frightened. We are losing our freedoms, history, honest elections and everything we have enjoyed in this wonderful country. Everything they accuse the Republicans of Democrats are actually doing. Always blaming someone else for their incompetence. So sad. I am afraid we are watching the demise of the United States — killed by the Democrat Party and their need for power. God help the United States.

The land of the free because of the brave, at least for now.

Nancy Swatek

Lake Geneva

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