To the Editor:

A follow-up to my recent interview with the Lake Geneva Regional News. I admit I know little about the workings of government.

I do know right from wrong. The re-introduction of the two decades old retail ordinance was handled so wrong. The decision was made behind closed doors, swiftly and with no courtesy or consideration for the small businesses that are the reason for Lake Geneva being a destination.

An archaic two decades old ordinance has no place in today’s retail Landscape. Two decades ago, Amazon did not exist. Internet sales were in their crawling stage.

Big Box stores were not invading every small community. Retail has become very competitive. A restrictive ordinance as this, has no relevance in today’s retail climate.

Now, A compromise. Allow the ordinance to be revisited before the Town Council where the affected businesses and citizens can have a voice. Compromise number two. Allow one weekend of sidewalk sales during the months of May through October. August and October are already allowed. Therefore, May, June, July and September could be included. In case the mayor has forgotten. He was voted in. He works for us. Not the other way around.

P. S. Great thanks to the thousands of citizens who have contacted me with encouragement.

Bob Lee

Lake Geneva