'Dark store' tax not complicated

'Dark store' tax not complicated


To the Editor:

Despite the shuck and jive of Tyler August, Amy Lauterbach, and their GOP pals, the big box “dark store” tax concept is not at all complicated!

In fact, it’s quite simple. Do real estate taxes on homes change whether they are occupied or not? If they were reduced when unoccupied, you and I might get a break when we’re away on vacation.

If this current “complication” is legit, I’m guessing a lot of part-time lakeshore residents will soon be making the same claim.

The condition of real estate might be a factor in taxation; occupation is not.

Double taxation? Well sure! Just like individuals are taxed for both real estate and income.

Hey, according to these neo- — read psuedo- — conservatives, corporations are people.

Well then, tax ‘em like people!

Mike Franzene

Lake Geneva

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