To the Editor:

So, I’m driving back home to Lake Geneva on Highway 12 and came up to the “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign that I have passed thousands of times.

I noticed something different this time. Our governor is so vain that he needs to plaster his name on all the “Welcome to Wisconsin” signs. Do you think the people passing the sign coming from Illinois really care that Tony Evers is the governor of Wisconsin?

I would also like to know what the cost of putting up these Tony Evers signs was. I’m sure there are more pressing things that money could’ve gone to. I remember a governor of Illinois named Blagojevich did the same thing to all the toll booth signs that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That was a high price to pay for being in office only six years.

As a taxpayer I paid for the Blagojevich signs in Illinois and now I’m paying for Tony Evers signs here in Wisconsin. Seems I just can’t get away from politicians needlessly spending my tax dollars.

Michael Lindsey

Lake Geneva