To the editor:

Recently a reader asked, “Why do Democrats hate Donald Trump?” It’s not a matter of hate. Decent people of all political parties, races and religions have no use for bigots, liars, and cheaters who would take children from parents and put them in cages and those who would use the Presidency for their own fame and gain.

Rudolph Giuliani said, “Truth isn’t truth.” Kellyanne Conway talks about alternative facts — lies. Donald Trump said, “Don’t believe what you see and hear.” Does this include him?

Donald Trump has mocked a disabled man and insulted the parents of a fallen hero. He has called John McCain no hero because he was captured by the enemy. This from a man who had his doctor write a note excusing him from service to our country because of a bone spur.

Trump has done all he can to interfere with the Mueller report, yet he claims no obstruction — hmmm. Wonder what is hiding under all the redactions. Let us all not forget the meeting with the Russian diplomats behind closed doors after kicking out his own vice president, among others. There was also a closed door meeting with Putin in Helsinki with just a Russian interpreter. What is his fascination with dictators while dismissing his own intelligence department? Does Putin have some kind of hold on him or is it because he is a vain, stupid nincompoop who with a little praise and a pat on the head could possibly cause the downfall of our country, which has always been great.

Lastly, the Republican party was once a party of integrity and honor and once said that Trump was incompetent and stupid now rolls over on its back like a puppy and agrees with every rash and dangerous thing he says and does.

If you love your country do the right thing. A famous quote says, "For whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." Vote Trump out.

Betty Sowizdrzal,

Lake Geneva