To the Editor:

Entropy is nature’s tendency to go from order to disorder. It is the reason why life is so tough. We constantly need to use energy to fight this law of nature. It explains why our garage gets messy again even after spending hours cleaning the place up. We fight entropy up to the time we take our last breath. After death, our body then breaks down into the atoms that took a lifetime to build and organize.

Chaos is a major part of entropy and humans are not comfortable with it. KAOS was even the villain in the television series “Get Smart.” We spend hours fighting chaos. We go to school to organize our brain. We hire personal trainers to get fit. We have planners, schedules, and organizers. We get exhausted and drop into our beds at the end of the day after doing battle against chaos.

It seems that we live in very chaotic times. Every day we have a new crisis. What was always a predictable life is no longer so. We face the polar vortex, the government shutdown, and young children placed in cages. Crisis is the new normal. The human being is not designed to survive in such an environment.

It wasn’t always like this. We had leaders that gave us direction, hope, and calmed the chaos around us. Kennedy gave us goals to get to the moon. FDR lifted us from a depression. Lyndon Johnson gave us the Great Society. Martin Luther King Jr. gave us a dream. Parents told their children that they, too, could become President. We had treaties that established order in the world. Reagan told the Russians to tear down the wall.

FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear is now being used by our leaders to make life more chaotic which creates more fear. Fear is the great manipulator and controller of the masses. Treaties are now being ignored, there are cries for a wall, 800,000 people have to live without a paycheck, science is being ignored and 40,000 immigrants are detained in privatized shelters. Every day is very stressful and we awake each day to a new “tweet storm.” The storm more damaging then the last. We have moved into a life of unpredictability.

It is time for a change. We need to work on things that bring us together. We have too much in common. It is time for our leader to bring us to together. Entropy is too strong of a force to ignore and we need to ban together to fight KAOS.

Steven Doelder

Village of Bloomfield