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Kincaid: Changes to the national flag

Kincaid: Changes to the national flag


I would now assume, since our recent and disastrous national election, that our national flag will soon be significantly modified.

A number of stars will now be removed (the red states) and the color red will be totally removed from our flag.

The new national flag of red, white and blue!

The thirteen white stripes will now be removed indicating the great idea that government, not its people, should make all decisions relative to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Why would that small group of misguided people object that royalty does not speak for them and then sail across an ocean to have a voice?

A striking cross bone and skull will now be the icon reflecting the pirate flag and what certainly happened during our recent election.

How could so many of our American citizens not understand or appreciate the nation as admired by the rest of the world?

D. Thomas Kincaid, Town of Linn

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