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Letter to the editor: Republicans have given up on democracy

Is it worth our democracy?

In Hungary, their government is an autocracy. They ran on anti-immigration, anti-LGBT, etc. Sound familiar?

They instilled false fear, fear that they were losing jobs, their religion, their way of life. Of course that was not true but in the process the Hungarian people lost fair elections, free press, and free speech.

If you disagree with the government now you are an enemy of the state. Recently a prime time “news” personality went there for a week to do his show, noting his admiration for their system of government.

In our country one political party has given up on democracy. They oppose anything Democrats try to do; it doesn’t matter if the people favor it. They could not win the last election so the strategy has become voter suppression in any state where a Republican majority exists, gerrymandering, fear mongering and lies. Power at any cost even if that cost is our democracy.

The beauty of our country is that it is a free country where you can openly disagree with its policies and actions. If you take that away, then you take away the beauty. How long will you let them manipulate you?

George Wen,


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