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Letter: What Democrats aren't telling you about stimulus checks

Letter: What Democrats aren't telling you about stimulus checks


The $1,900,000,000 stimulus spending bill is now law and qualifying people will receive a $1,400 check. This $1,400 has been at the forefront and giddily promoted by the Democrats and most of the media. Incidentally, prisoners will be receiving the same check. On the sobering side, not promoted, is that along with each check will be a debt of about $22,000 that is incurred to pay for the rest of the stimulus spending.

What is your extra debt being spent on? Allocated exclusively to each federal employee is $21,000 to take extra time off from work, doubling of the budget for the National Endowment of the Arts, bail out of Blue States debt and underfunded pensions, $15 billion for foreign aid, and the list is 880 pages long. Wisconsin has a financially responsible, fully funded budget and pension system. You get to pay for other Blue States financial prodigality. The Wall Street Journal’s analysis showed that only about 9% of the spending goes to COVID relief. The rest goes to benefit the Democratic Party’s patrons and further their socialist agenda.

Of the last stimulus, under President Trump, about one trillion remains unspent. The previous administration proposed a $2,000 check and $600,000,000 in spending. This was cast by the Democrats as not enough, because it did not fund their socialist agenda and patrons. More money and less debt for you are not on their agenda.

This stimulus is going to be paid by you, your children, their children, and their children’s future incomes.

John Surinak,


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