To the Editor:

It seems that Dave Yost has joined your group of delusional Liberal Democrats. A few weeks ago, you had Gordon Ammon writing about how we should have total gun abolishment. I’ve hear numerous arguments about that, but I have to say it was the first time I ever heard anyone say we should abolish guns because they were not mentioned in the original Constitution.

Gordon said it was the famous Second Amendment and our Founding Fathers did not consider it important enough to be included in the original document. So, no big deal to abolish gun ownership. At least that was how I read his article. Then I guess according to Gordon we should no longer allow women or Blacks to vote, forget about free speech or freedom of religion, make slavery legal again, allow poll taxes, delete the unlawful search and seizure provisions, and forget about a right to trail by your peers. Delusional? I would say it was far worse than that.

Then your Community Columnist Dave Yost comes along. Dave is calling for Trump to be impeached because of the Mueller — report or investigation? Dave uses both terms. Let’s make one thing crystal clear. You cannot have an investigation unless a crime has been committed. Period. It was the Mueller Report and not the Mueller investigation. The Libs and most in the media love to use the false second term to give the erroneous impression that a crime was committed by Trump and/or his associates. You don’t impeach someone just because you don’t like them. The Wisconsin Libs tried to do that with our Gov. Walker on the recall election and it backfired on them big time. That is what elections are for. You support and vote for those you like and agree with. You don’t recall them or impeach them just because you don’t like them. If that was the case, then we would be constantly flooded with all kinds of nonsense. Well, I guess we have been.

Dave wrote he sensed that, concerning impeachment, the current Republican Senate majority is scared. Actually, it is just the opposite. There are many Democrats and members of federal three-letter agencies — like the FBI, CIA, IRS, etc. — that are more than a little scared. Question: How did that Mueller Report ever get started and why? Who, what, were and when?

There were no crimes committed by Trump or his associates, nor at the beginning was there any evidence of that. Yet, the report happened with no foundation to start it. Somebody thought it was a good idea to do one thing with full DOJ backing. Who? As those sordid details slowly come out, you will be reading about a scandal that will make Watergate look like a jaywalking offense. Yes, there are many scared Democrats, swamp creatures and delusional supporters.

Stay tuned in. This is going to get interesting.

Jack Meredith

Town of Linn