To the Editor:

Most of us know about our right to vote, but many of us choose not to, for a variety of reasons — too busy, work, school, children, family situations, apathy, anger, etc. In this last year, if you have thought about your children, please vote. If your values have been challenged, please vote. If someone in your family has a pre-existing condition, please vote.

Some of us have said “my vote never counts,” “what can my one vote do?” One vote can accumulate to tens of votes…tens of votes accumulate to hundreds…hundreds accumulate to thousands and so on and so on. Before we know it, our one vote has helped change our world.

In this last year, if you have felt offended or put off by our politicians, please vote. If you have been worried about your future, please vote. If you have had trouble paying your bills, please vote. Do you think we can do better as a country, please vote.

For many of us we have felt powerless when it comes to our existence. We feel that we have no control of what is happening around us. Voting can be a strong way of fighting back our fears and worries. I know that I have a voice when I vote. We all need a voice for our future.

In this last year, have you known anyone that was bullied or pushed around for no reason, please vote. Have you felt disrespected by anyone, please vote. Have you ever felt alone and out of touch, please vote. Do you have a need to send a message to our leaders, please vote.

Vote Democrat, vote Republican, vote Independent, but for God sake — no, for your sake — please vote.

Paul Kristoffersen