To the Editor:

Whether the Mueller report offers bad news for President Trump or not, history will not look kindly on our 45th President.

There are two words that will follow President Trump in the discussions of American history for the next 50 years. One will be the word Russia, and the other word will be lying. Authors, journalists, teachers, social media, hard news media, and historians will use these two words, to describe the Trump years. Your kids, my kids, our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children will be exposed to these two words through out their lifetime.

Will any of us learn from the history behind these two words? Some will say no, some will say yes. I am an optimist, and I believe that our culture will come out of the Trump years with a more charged enthusiasm for our Democracy and our American way of life. I think we will learn the hard way that Democracy does not come easy, and we have to work at it. Democracy and marriage are very similar that way.

There are consequences for our electoral decisions and we have to accept and live with them. I would love to be around when my ancestors think, talk about and enjoy our present day history.

Paul Kristoffersen