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Opinion: Biden will increase taxes and tamper with the courts

Opinion: Biden will increase taxes and tamper with the courts

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Former Vice President Joe Biden

To the editor:

Come on, man, here's the deal. Taxes only raised on people earning over $400,000 a year. If you repeal Donald Trump's tax cuts, my personal taxes will increase $1,000 a year. That's for a single factory worker, as I am. I know $20 isn't much but it gives me gas to commute. Imagine a husband and wife losing $2,000 a year or $170 per month — buys a lot of food or 3/4 of a car payment. Not crumbs, like the the millionaire Nancy Pelosi describes it as.

Joe and Kamala, at a press conference in an airplane hanger in Arizona, finally said he will not address the supreme court packing question until after the election. Here's the deal, it means the answer is yes. Who would have guessed that 231 years ago on March 4 ,1789, that the founders, writers and signers of the Constitution had the foresight to insist in three separate and co-equal branches of government as a safeguard to prevent any one branch from having total power, the legislative, house and senate to make laws, the executive to enforce laws and the judicial — federal and supreme courts — to interpret the laws. Well that likely will cease to be the case depending on the outcome of the upcoming election.

If Joe and Kamala decide to add justices to the Supreme Court, then that will/can essentially render the House and Senate obsolete. They can make laws and then direct them through the court system up to the supreme court that they have packed with liberal judges that do not follow the true design of constitution or what it was intended to stand for and strike down any and all opposition.

All this 25th Amendment talk is about wielding total power and influence over the executive branch and having the ability to remove a duly elected president. There is NO need for a new "committee." It is presently written fine with safeguards to prevent abuse of it. Nancy only wants it so three months after, if Joe is elected, they can remove him for dementia. Hello, socialist President Harris.

Jon Nelson,

Lake Geneva

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