Opinion: Lake Geneva should go back to charging visitors to park

Opinion: Lake Geneva should go back to charging visitors to park

Seth Elder, parking operations manager, performs some maintenance to a parking kiosk

Seth Elder, new parking operations manager, performs some maintenance work to a parking kiosk in Lake Geneva's lakefront area.

Editor's note: This letter was submitted before the city started charging again for parking.

To the editor:

Upcoming city revenue shortage? While going to the store on Sat. April 18 I drove down Wrigley Drive and saw vehicles from California, Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. I can safely say most if not all of them were not here as an essential worker as stated under Gov. Evers Safer At Home Order, which he just extended for another month.

The majority of them were not practicing proper social distancing. It gave me an idea for incoming Mayor Klein since the outgoing mayor has been choosing to not enforce it for the last 4 to 6 weeks, as I have not seen any citations in the Regional News for non essential worker violations.

I along with other residents I know have adhered to the stay at home order for the most part. I get it, people are bored sitting around their homes all day, I go out for walks a few times a day to break up the monotony, I don't travel across state lines or go to other cities to go grocery shopping or to walk along some other lake shore.

If the city is not going to ticket violators here is my suggestion. I think that the city should reopen the parking kiosks to start gaining some revenue. I don't know how much revenue the city will lose by having free parking for at least a 2 month time frame, I am certain it is substantial.

I always see shuffling/moving revenues from the parking fund or piers and harbors to pay for other expenses. If you lost an estimated $20,000, probably a lot more from closing the kiosks, I as a taxpayer hope the city or the county will not have to raise property taxes, boat launch or any other fees to recoup what has been lost. The out of area people are not contributing to the tax base from hotel room taxes, sales taxes etc. since 90-95% of businesses in town are currently closed. Just my thoughts, I am certain others will disagree, but that is what makes this country the greatest experiment in the history of the planet.

Jon Nelson,

Lake Geneva

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