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Opinion: Police protests are just another plot to undermine Trump

Opinion: Police protests are just another plot to undermine Trump


To the editor:

Anarchy — the state of society where there is no law or supreme power. Total absence or suspension of government, chaos, the utter negation of law and order. And the lunatics are running the asylum. These people first wanted to abolish ICE. Now it's defund and get rid of the police. We are in trouble, people. Whatever they are asking for today, even if they got it, tomorrow it will be something else. Nothing will satisfy this mob. This is a mob, these are riots, and they intend to destroy a lot of property and steal whatever they can as long as they can get away with it. Oh, I know some people really intended all of this to be peaceful protests. That idea has been hijacked by people with a whole other plan. Sadly, they don't even realize they have been used. Or, maybe they do. Where is there a leader in the black community who can reason with the mob?

So, the latest of their "demands" — I really object to demands — is tearing down history; statues, movies, music, and probably burning books, and the list goes on. Freedom of speech is already not allowed if you disagree with them. I, myself, am offended by people being offended by everything. So, who do I complain to? Is there anyone out there with the guts to just say "enough already?" Get over yourselves. Every day we hear about blacks being killed by blacks — where is the outrage then? Don't those lost lives matter?

Just so you know, this is just another plot of the Democrats to undermine President Trump. There are no limits to which they won't go to bring him down. If a few big cities, buildings, neighborhoods, and businesses are destroyed, it is worth it to them. These are some pretty sick people. Remember all of this chaos and destruction and the Democrats reaction when you vote in November. If we get to vote in November. The Democrats will try to negate or mess up this election. We really have nothing to fear from the Russians or outside forces — we just have to fear the Democrats. They are the ones who want to steal the election. Poor Joe Biden — he is being used, too. He is no more qualified or equipped to be our president than anyone else in that "great" panel he ran against.

Places you wouldn't want to visit or move to — Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Baltimore, or any state or city the Democrats are "governing." Defund the police, insanity is running rampant. I don't want to live in a place where there are no police, would you? Remember, the politicians who back this folly are very well protected — and we are paying for it.

Keep praying people. God bless America.

Nancy Swatek,

Lake Geneva

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