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Opinion: Republicans must abandon this failed president

Opinion: Republicans must abandon this failed president


To the editor:

Good people on all sides are beginning to question the legitimacy and authority of this president.

This week we had several current and former military generals who are historically conservative and silent begin to publicly speak and write about the presidential decisions being made.

The issues of the U.S. Constitution and the current state of our democracy were pointedly brought up and discussed. There was a legitimate concern by these generals about our current state of affairs.

We also have current and former U.S. senators publicly disagreeing with the President about his responses to our country’s demonstrations. Yes, we do have Sen. Ron Johnson, of Wisconsin, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, supporting our president. Although most Republican senators when asked about the president’s decisions look away from the camera and say “no comment” or “I have a meeting."

Refreshingly, we had Sen. Lisa Murkowski, from Alaska, and Sen. Mitt Romney, from Utah, publicly speaking out about President Trump and his leadership. While it’s a start, our country’s leaders need to do more than speak out. Their actions need to be forward thinking and bold, just in case our values, our constitution and our way of life begin to slip away.

Well-known conservative author and writer for the Wall Street Journal Peggy Noonan recently ended her June 6 column alluding to the idea of the president resigning, and moving on for the good of the country.

As the president continues to fail, our country’s leaders need to begin calling for his resignation.

Paul Kristoffersen,


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